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Capri Bakery Corp was established in 1984 as a family business focused on providing superior, fresh, daily baked products. After 25 years of serving New York City, Capri Bakery Corp. is still unmatched in offering fresh and delicious traditional Spanish pastries. Clients come from near and far to eat our home baked, hot Cuban style bread, pastellios de guaya (guava pastry) and our Puerto-Rican coquitos.

Over the years, our bakers have mastered the customization of cakes for all occasions. The Capri team will help you to customize the type of cake for your event, size, colors, fillings and decorations/ presentations. All cakes are baked on premises every day.

Facts On Cakes

CAKE DECORATING : Cake decorating most likely began thousands of years ago, soon after the first baked items were made with ground flour. The temptation to sprinkle something on top of a flat blank surface would appeal to any human with artistic inclinations.

WHAT IS CUP CAKE: A cupcake (the common US, Canadian, and Australian term) or fairy cake (the common British term), is a small cake designed to serve one person, frequently baked in a small, thin paper cup. As with larger cakes, frosting and other cake decorations, such as sprinkles, are common on cupcakes.

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